About Me

In this cruel world, the mainstream mindset gets you nowhere.

The mainstream mindset has been programmed into the minds of almost every human being.

Most people are satisfied with the simple lives they live – They enjoy spending most of their time at work during the weekdays, having some family time over the weekends, and having some occasional overseas trips once or twice a year.

However, I find this life meaningless.

Life to me is all about happiness and happiness can come in various ways.

Personally, I am the happiest when I spend time with my family and friends, having the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want.

But to achieve this freedom for life seems unrealistic isn’t it?

In a modern world that functions like a slave factory where everyone is programmed to be employees, the only way to beat this system is to get out of the system.

Ever since I’ve understood concepts like these, I have been analyzing the world in a different perspective and my message to you is to not give up on your dreams.

Most of you have an insanely ambitious dream deep inside you but you refuse to acknowledge it because you think it’s impossible to achieve it. Whenever it pops up in your mind, you enjoy the thought of it, and then you brush it away and get back to work.

I am here to give you hope.

Ever since I’ve had crazy goals, I have never once failed to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

Your degree and your job are what the world rewards you so that you can give up on dreams.

I want to help you relight that fire in you and proof to you that anything is possible.

I'm Xavier Tanner. I am a realist and I hope to empower you with my content that lies in the fields of mindset, business, fitness, and philosophy.

Let’s work together to reprogram your mind into an impenetrable state.

I promise you that you will be the best version of yourself in no time.